Planting Instructions

Welcome to our one-stop-guide for all things planting. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or a newbie with enthusiasm, we've got the care instructions you covered. Here, you'll find links to detailed planting instructions for each of our plant & bulb categories. Every plant has its own personality, and that includes how they like to be grown. Let's make sure we get it right!



Ever heard of the saying "beauty is more than bulb deep?" Well, neither have we, but it sounds pretty accurate! Learn the ins and outs of bulb planting with our detailed Bulb Planting Guide.


Perennials are the friends who always come back, year after year. Want to keep your garden bustling with these faithful blooms? Check out our Perennial Planting Guide.

Fruits and Vegetables

Nothing tastes as sweet as home-grown fruits and veggies. Ready to turn your garden into a culinary paradise? Get started with our Fruit and Vegetable Planting Guide.