Choose the Right Perennial

Just like finding the right pair of gardening gloves, choosing the right perennial is essential. Consider your garden's light, soil, and moisture conditions, as well as the perennial's growth habit and mature size. We promise, there's a perennial out there for every gardener, even if your thumb isn't as green as you'd like!

Plant at the Right Time

While you can plant perennials in the spring or fall, some gardeners prefer the latter. Cooler temperatures mean less stress for your new plants and more time for them to establish roots before the heat of summer kicks in. However, always check the best planting times for your chosen perennial in your area. After all, timing is everything!

Prepare Your Garden Bed

Perennials appreciate a well-prepared bed. Loosen the soil and mix in some compost to give your new plants a nutrient-rich welcome. Remember, happy soil equals happy plants!

Plant at the Right Depth

When planting your perennial, the top of the root division (the crown) should be level with the soil surface. Planting too deep can lead to rot, while planting too shallow can cause the roots to dry out. Think of it as tucking them in with a cozy soil blanket!

Water and Mulch

Once planted, give your perennials a good drink and apply a layer of mulch to conserve moisture and keep weeds at bay. Just don't pile the mulch against the stem - they're not fans of turtlenecks.

Patience is Key

Like a fine wine, perennials get better with age. Don't fret if they don't bloom much in their first year. They're just focusing on growing strong roots. By the second year, they'll be ready to put on a show!

For more specific advice, check out our individual perennial planting guides below.

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